Baby Steps

So now that the awkward first post has been completed and put out there into the big bad world, it is time to give this blog a bit more personality.

A bit about me

My name is Grace and I am a 26 year old gremlin woman from Ireland. My life isn’t very exciting really, I’m a trainee chartered accountant (I clearly have no life) and I work in an office Monday to Friday. I suppose the most important thing you need to know about me right now is that I am overweight and MASSIVELY (Get it? I am hilarious) unhappy with it. I have gotten to the stage where I’m so unhappy with how I look and my fitness level that I don’t even want to fix it anymore. My motivation has officially plummeted to below ground level.

So here we are, trying, for the 1 billionth time (I’m not dramatic at all) to get my ass in gear and take those baby steps to doing the right thing for my health, happiness and confidence. I deserve to be happy, to put clothes on and feel good about myself. To be able to run after my dog with out needing an oxygen tank afterwards and just to be the best version of myself.

How though?

Well, this is the most simple part. I plan on going to the gym 4 days a week for the first month, increasing it to 5 days a week from there.

I’m starting with 4 days because I have tried the 5 days before and found myself burning out after 3 weeks. By doing 4 days a week for a month I aim to make the gym more of a habit then a chore and find my way around my gym so it can best serve me.

From tomorrow (Saturday for those of you in different time zones) I will be starting back horse ridding. The goal here is to go at least once a week (ideally I’d go twice or more, but then I’d have to knock over the local credit union and I don’t think I’d do well in prison to be honest).

What I am really trying to do here is have a good level of work done in the gym and then have at least one day of active fun. I think it will break up the sessions and help keep me motivated.

Will there be food?

Food is going to be the biggest struggle I think. Not because I over eat or hate vegetables but because I will have to overcome my own laziness. I love too cook for other people, but I hate cooking for myself.

Every Sunday I am going to prep my meals for Monday to Wednesday. On Wednesday I’ll prep Thursday and Friday.

Tomorrow I will put my meal plan together and I’ll share it on here. I said previously that any recipes that are my own I will post, and any that I google I will link for yous to check out.


Well guys, that’s it. I want to keep everything as simple as possible, it’s the best way to keep it honest and productive.

Leave a comment below with your favorite healthy meal and I’ll give it a try.

Talk later,







The Birth of Get Skinny or Sweat Trying

Well, hi people of the internet.

I’ve found myself setting up this little blog to help me track my journey as I try (key word here is try) achieve my fitness and weight loss goals.

The road ahead will not be easy, I already know this and it’s not even day 1 yet. I’m actually a pro at going to the gym inconsistently and moaning about my lack of abs or any other defining muscle.

The purpose of this little blog here is to keep myself accountable, to track my results, and share my experiences, both the good the bad and the ugly. I have found there is such wonderful support for people in the online community, but there is also some absolute bull sh**e posted on the like of Instagram that fuels nothing but negativity and individuals aspiring to be obtain body goals that are so edited they’re not even human.

I can’t promise that this will always be a happy go lucky place with positivity flowing from every pore on my body because I’m not about that life and I have crap days, sometimes more then good ones. I want this to be a honest place where failure is discussed and learnt from, where we contribute to each others journeys and help get us there in the end. This is a place where you can come and vent on those shit days when your clothes don’t fit the way they should and it is also a place to share goal achieved regardless of how small.

I can promise that this blog will not be full of crap and curated content to make my life look like the Ritz Carlton when really it is probably more like the travel lodge.

Now to the fun stuff. Starting on Monday (14th of August) I will post a weekly update on my gym training, weight and measurements etc. Once a month I will do a monthly review of how my training has gone, what has worked, what hasn’t worked. I plan to research my workouts and share any tips and advice I compile along the way.

As part of the monthly review I’ll post photo updates, taken in the same place and wearing the same clothes to get a true indication of any and all changes. Hopefully we will notice some changes!

In between these weekly and monthly updates, I aim to post my meals, what I’m eating to aid in my weight loss, and to keep my cravings at bay. I’ll include details of my recipes if they are my own and I’ll link any recipes I use from online.

I truly hope that eventually, we will have our own community here, of people trying to sweat away the extra weight, helping each other tone up and most importantly, encouraging each other to become as fit and healthy as possible.

Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see on here.

Talk later,